Intuition and wisdom.

At Interaction, we have a passion and commitment for building strong, healthy, vibrant brands, namely Living Brands™. Most importantly, we know how to create and nurture a Living Brand.

What is a Living Brand?

A Living Brand is more than just a product, a package, a store, a service or a cause. A successful brand is always underpinned by a collection of views and opinions people hold in their minds.

It encompasses a look and feel, advertising collateral and their shopping experience (i.e. customer service, retail environments, online).

Brands therefore have a culture, a character and a living image in the mind of the consumer, and rather than over-promise, strive to over-deliver.

As a Living Brand creates an emotional connection with customers and builds a set of associations and expectations around its offerings, it plays a strategic role in the product/service portfolio of today and the future, with a defined target market and relative value-added proposition, to accurately identify the brand position in the marketplace, so it owns its product/service category.

Once the brand values, purpose and personality have been identified and agreed to, we apply our Living Brands™ principles/disciplines with clarity, consistency and continuity.

What is the significance of a Living Brand?
A Living Brand will:

  • Act as the catalyst for a product or service to be considered by a prospective consumer, and play a role in their decision to purchase;
  • Continue to provide growth opportunities through lead enquiries, well after advertising activity has ceased;
  • Reward your organisation with an improved yield, providing the product or service is of average quality or better, and meets the promised expectation;
  • Provide a valuable asset that, in most instances, will deliver a greater return on investment than will ever be achievable through the sale of the business, stock and equipment, or property holdings.

Consumers do not just purchase a product or a service, but rather enter into a relationship, an experience – be it pleasant, satisfying or in some instances disappointing.

A Living Brand has equity,
is your best asset, and can
increase your market share.

A Living Brand, has equity is your best asset, and can increase your market share.

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