Instinct and insight.

Successful marketing and advertising campaigns are borne out of solid foundations (including business planning), a key discipline being marketing. At Interaction, we have a dedicated strategic marketing facility so that it all comes together strategically and tactically, whether it be:

• Formulating a strategic marketing plan;
• Providing a 100% outsourced marketing service;
• Underpinning your existing in-house marketing team with specialists or strategic input ‘at top level’;
• Tactical day-to-day resources on a ‘top-up’ basis.


We are very familiar with the role, methodologies and utilisation of market research. It can be a vital tool in:

  • Effectively identifying market opportunities;
  • Examining consumer attitudes and motivations;
  • Developing advertising;
  • Measuring the outcome of marketing campaigns.

We also provide advice on commissioning and briefing market research companies. And, unlike some advertising agencies, our experience allows us to interpret research findings, to help shape effective marketing and advertising communication strategies.
The research philosophy must be consistent, with emphasis on the planning approach and a greater understanding of the consumer. We prefer to research the impact of advertising on the consumer, rather than research the advertising itself. Research is only one voice in the determination of advertising and marketing strategies. It must never be seen as the only voice.

Formulation, preparation and implementation of strategic marketing plans.
Every organisation needs to formulate goals to determine where it is going. To provide guidance, it is necessary to set objectives and develop strategies to define the required performance criteria to meet these strategies.

However, to formulate these goals, it is necessary to develop a strategic marketing plan, which Interaction can also prepare in consultation with our client.

Corporate identity.
We have undertaken corporate and packaging design projects for many clients, and understand the specialised briefing techniques necessary to give clear and concise direction to our designers.

At Interaction, we will work with you to achieve the right results, first time.

New product/service development.
New products and new services, as well as innovative consumer incentives and ideas, are the lifeblood of any organisation. At Interaction, we have tailored a new product/service development program, which includes product/service audits, product/service delivery capability and cost feasibility analyses, positioning and launches.

This program can be a driving force in establishing new opportunities for your business by:

  • Adopting a disciplined approach, without compromising our entrepreneurial flair;
  • Accessing detailed information on relevant market categories nationally and internationally;
  • Thoroughly understanding the new product/service development process and reaching conclusions that are feasible to implement.

Direct response marketing (DRM) and customer relationship management (CRM).
Below the line spending on direct response marketing (DRM) or customer relationship management (CRM) can play a vital role in many marketing campaigns. And whilst it is regularly misused, it should never be ignored, given its potential if used professionally.

Where it can be tightly targeted, a DRM/CRM program to consumers as individuals may well provide significant cost advantages over mass media. And even better if it is designed to underpin mainstream media activities, as an intrinsic part of a campaign.

We encourage our clients to utilise their customer databases to the fullest for DRM/CRM programs, to ensure budgets work harder to deliver maximum value for money.

We ensure that all advertising is based on
solid marketing principles, designed to
propel your business forward.

We ensure that all advertising is based on solid marketing principles, designed to propel your business forward.

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