Captivation and transformation.

We utilise our specialist talents for different tasks to get the best possible outcome for each client’s specific needs, including:

  • Creative – conceptual, copy and scriptwriting, design and art direction for broadcast and digital media.
  • Production for broadcast media – television, radio, cinema, press and outdoor.
  • Production and printing – brochures, leaflets, catalogues, point of sale merchandising, packaging and signage.
  • Digital production – website design and development, online display advertising, electronic direct marketing (EDM), social media, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Creative is our heart.

The creative department is the heart of any advertising agency, and there is no doubt that ours beats stronger than most. Our advertising is highly creative and memorable, but at all times, disciplined. With each and every single piece of creative, no matter how big or small, we carefully consider the following:

  • Get back to basics. Is the work on strategy? Is it clear who we are talking to? Do we understand the consumer’s point of view?
  • Keep it simple (be single-minded);
  • Be noticed with an impactful, cut-through idea that’s fresh and exciting, which can be brilliantly executed;
  • Appeal to the heart before the head;
  • Make it friendly and ‘human’;
  • Irrevocably link the slogan/theming to everyday language;
  • Ensure it has the ‘legs’ for longevity;
  • Make it sympathetic to the medium;
  • Ensure the campaign idea has the ‘arms’ to adapt to all media genres;
  • Strive for consistency, continuity and clarity.

We believe in results-driven creative.
Some advertising agencies breed big creative egos. Some measure success by the number of awards hanging on their walls. Yes, we win awards. But more importantly, we achieve outstanding results through creating communication that is interesting, impactful and delivers the message in a clear, easy to understand manner.

We prefer to breed big ideas. Ideas created from accurate strategies and bold marketing initiatives. Working with our award-winning creatives gives us the breadth of experience for stronger ideas and stronger results.

Our skills are equally evident in the corporate, brand, product, retail and behavioural/attitudinal advertising campaigns we create.

At Interaction, we inherently know how to create advertising communication that will protect and build the brand whilst increasing market share, thus creating demand for your products and/or services.

The power of digital.
It is simply not enough to have an online presence these days. Whether it be SEO, SEM, EDM, online display advertising, social media etc., you must engage consumers in a way that adds genuine value to the conversations and activities already taking place online. For example, create something fun to watch that people will send it to their friends. Create a website filled with useful information and people will go back to it time and time again for reference.

Because consumers now have the tools to pass along information they find interesting, innovative and engaging, communicating your brand and product messages out to prospective customers can be easier to achieve than ever before – if executed correctly.

A strong online presence for your brand can be one of the most important assets your business can have. The best part is, you can use online vehicles like your website and email marketing to promote campaigns and drive sales – without tainting your brand, and without costing the earth. And at Interaction, we can help you do it.

Our production systems.
There are three things we have never had to do with regard to a client’s production, whether major or minor:

  • Justify costs;
  • Apologise for its quality;
  • Make excuses for missed deadlines.

We know how to package production for optimum quality and value.

Our collective retail experience has made us aware of the need for sophisticated systems to control the production of all print and electronic material.

These systems allow us to track and correlate items such as estimates, cost controls and project control, with the aid of critical flow path planning.

At the end of the day, our promise to you must be that we produce exciting and impactful creative work that is:

  • On strategy;
  • On quality;
  • On budget;
  • On time.

Cut through the clutter with ideas
bursting with passion and realism.

Cut through the clutter with ideas bursting with passion and realism.

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