Resources, intelligence and discipline.

Interaction has developed a unique broadcast and digital media strategy, planning and buying resources facility that retains the integrity of an in-house media department, drawing on the expertise and strength of our 20 plus years’ affiliation with Australia’s largest and most respected media buying group. With a unique ‘made to measure’ structure, we provide focussed attention and immersion in our clients’ business to meet their specific requirements. This is further underpinned by one of Australia’s most senior media strategist working closely with our in-house local personnel, which includes an experienced strategic planner and media buyer – providing an unparalleled media offering to our clients.

What it means to our clients.

As a Queensland-owned operation, clients draw on our local expertise and market knowledge, enjoying access to a vast pool of global resources, including worldwide access to market data, product and company profiles, and international advertising material.

Like to get much more than you paid for?
At Interaction, we believe in the ‘ask and you shall receive’ approach.

We never fail to gain major concessions from media houses throughout Australia, including editorial, preferred positions without loadings, promotional enhancement, and of course, discounts far beyond the actual spend entitlements.

So what makes our media services different?
Our media services dovetail into our overall philosophy as to how all the disciplines of marketing and advertising (strategic marketing, communication strategy, campaign planning, conceptual creative, production, broadcast and digital media strategy, planning, buying and surveillance/monitoring) should be delivered, with one focus, from one cohesive point.

Interaction is the complete package!
We go above and beyond to deliver:

  • The buying clout and nous for measurable savings through three-tiered negotiations: group buying rates, client campaign spend and campaign added value bonuses.
  • Seniority: we provide personal service at a senior level. Our Media Director has extensive experience in planning and negotiating media across all product and service categories including brand, national retail, FMCG, hospitality and property.
  • Tight media strategies and disciplined thinking: we don’t just place x’s in boxes. We treat viewers and readers as real people and have the quality information required to analyse and plan, so we can reach our prospective customers more efficiently and effectively.
  • Research and information technology, with up to 20 crucial intelligent sources.
  • An understanding of the marketplace including: impact, visibility, environment and layering of media activity to give a ‘big spending’ effect – utilising psychographics and attitudinal behavioural profiles rather than relying solely on demographics.
  • Relevant monitoring which ensures we’re meeting all promises.
  • A creative approach to media: our creative and media teams work closely to achieve the best possible results. Because at Interaction, we understand that a team response always achieves a superior outcome.

Interaction provides unparalleled value and service to our clients, so think of us as your local shop with global resources, or your multinational with local resources! – either way, it’s a partnership that delivers.

Think of us as your local shop
with global resources, or your
multinational with local resources.

Think of us as your local shop with global resources, or your multinational with local resources.

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